CASA volunteers make an impact!

Every year more than a half million abused and neglected children are in need of safe, permanent, nurturing homes. CASA volunteers can make a difference in the lives of these children.

A child with a CASA volunteer is more likely to find a safe, permanent home:
Cass County Michigan CASA impact

  • More likely to be adopted
  • Half as likely to reenter foster care
  • Substantially less likely to spend time in long-term foster care
  • More likely to have a plan for permanency, especially children of color
  • Children with CASA volunteers get more help while in the system

More services are ordered for the children with a CASA because of a consistent, responsible adult presence.

  • Volunteers spend significantly more time with the child than a paid guardian ad litem.
  • Children with CASA volunteers spend less time in foster care

“It is quite remarkable that children without CASA involvement are spending an average of over eight months longer in care, compared to children having CASA involvement.” And, are less likely to be bounced from home to home. (National CASA)

CASA volunteers improve representation of children

  • Reducing the time needed by lawyers
  • CASAs are more likely than paid lawyers to file written reports
  • For each of nine duties, judges rated CASA volunteers more highly than attorneys
  • CASAs have been highly effective in having their recommendations adopted by the court

Children with CASA volunteers do better in school

  • More likely to pass all courses
  • Less likely to have poor conduct in school
  • Less likely to be expelled

In the few minutes it takes you to read this Web site, a report of child abuse or neglect has been made. At the close of today, an average of four children will have died due to maltreatment. Southwestern lower Michigan is not immune to this crisis. Last year Cass County received many child abuse and neglect complaints.

Funding and volunteer support was available to serve just only a small percentage of children in need. More volunteers are needed.

Cass County CASA currently has more children than our current 22 volunteers can advocate for. A new volunteer training class is being form.

To find out more about our upcoming training program, please contact Director, Jim Ward at 269-445-4431 ext. 2.

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